Canada and Jamaica: The Best of Both Worlds

Our contact centres are located in Eastern Canada and Jamaica to provide scalable solutions, reliable business continuity, and the best customer experience across the board. By operating in our on-shore and near-shore contact centres, we leverage the expertise, leadership and on-site management from our home-base in Prince Edward Island, as well as the exceptional cost-savings and cultural alignment of Jamaica. Both regions are known for their excellence in hospitality and deliver industry-high results in customer experience satisfaction.

How We Work

Kingston, Jamaica

Educated, Scalable and Sustainable

Our Kingston location brings together agents with extensive contact centre experience. The workforce is highly-educated and available, providing engaged leadership and front-line management on-site. As we expand in the Caribbean, we are committed to continue our reputation for creating meaningful jobs and to becoming a best-in-class employer in the region.

Your Team

Regional Highlights

  • Dedicated mid-level management and engaged agents with less than 10 per cent attrition and 5 per cent absenteeism in the first year of operation, much better than industry average
  • Oversight and proactive transfer of expertise from the Eastern Canada leadership team
  • Modern, state-of-the-art, scalable facility in the heart of Kingston’s business district
  • Neutral, native English accent
  • Highly educated and experienced workforce
  • Work ethic and productivity is proven to be superior to other near-shore and off-shore locations
  • Strong negotiation and problem-solving skills which can translate into higher debt collection rates, lower error/rework rates and first-contact resolution
  • Capacity and resources available for immediate engagement
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Eastern Canada

Educated, Scalable and Sustainable

Our first contact centres opened in Eastern Canada in 1996. Canadian agents and support teams operate from the headquarters in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Regional Highlights

  • Engaged and experienced workforce with attrition rates less than 27 per cent, well below the industry average
  • A resource of in-house subject-matter experts and tenured agents, 15 per cent of staff have been with us for more than 10 years
  • Local shareholders and senior leadership with a depth of experience and expertise in business process outsourcing
  • Relationship-driven team ensuring positive client experiences with the average client partnership lasting longer than seven years
  • Seasoned staff with a wide spectrum of expertise across Help Desk, Customer Service, Tech Support and Financial Services
  • Scalable workforce able to adapt as your business grows and changes
  • English, French and Spanish capabilities