To offer quality customer service, Advantage has created a culture of reliable and engaged staff that have become ambassadors of our brand. We hire capable and innovative individuals who share in our values and fit within our culture.  There is no ceiling on how much you can grow at Advantage Communications and we want to you to become part of our team.

“The only people we treat better than our clients, are our employees. We love our staff,” Kent MacPhee, President & CEO.

Our culture is built upon the principles of excellence, respect, passion, innovation, and integrity, viewing employees as individuals rather than numbers within a system. Our motto is “Making a Difference” and we strive to achieve this goal for our clients and employees. We put our people first.

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Excellence, Respect, Passion, Innovation, Integrity

We strive every day to uphold our corporate values, which guide our interactions with our clients and our employees. As a member of the Advantage team, you can expect a shared dedication to these values, as we reach for success and fulfilment together.

“Our team has created culture of caring within our organization where employees come first.  We have a strong and innovative team, one that I am proud to be a part of,” Ryan L. White, Director of Human Resources.

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