Telecommunications Provider Reduces Costs and Boosts Net Promoter Score by 6% with Advantage Communications’ Custom Tech Support Solution

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Healthcare Industry Entertainment Systems Provider Seamlessly Transitions Customer Care to Advantage Communications with Perfect Brand Continuity

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Financial Services

Global Financial Services Provider Opens Credit Card Centre of Excellence in Jamaica with Advantage Communications

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“ACI, thanks for the unique opportunity to be involved in the launch of your new location in Kingston, Jamaica. The decision to blend our support solution between Canada and Jamaica was an important one. The processes and leadership involvement we’ve come to know of ACI has most definitely carried over to the Caribbean”
– André Blanchard, Senior Director of Operations, PNI Digital Media


Digital Media

Advantage Communications Creates Fully Customized CRM Tool for In-Store Photographic Printing Service Provider

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Automobile Supplier

Advantage Communications helps one of the world’s fastest growing automobile companies improve the customer service experience through an innovative Quality Assurance Program

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Communications and Entertainment

Implementation of the ACI team resulted in increased productivity. The ability to provide solutions at the agent level meant that referral calls decreased and resulted in less escalations and higher FCR rates

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“We recently added dedicated resources to our support package and they have been fantastic. It is amazing how well they quickly integrated into our team dynamic. They are already resolving as many issues as our in house guys. We could not be happier with how that worked out for us and would recommend this cost effective staff augmentation to anyone” – Nate Harris, Director of Technical Operations, Dynasis