Banking and Financial

Advantage Communications provides secure and reliable outsourced banking and financial services that support your growth objectives. Your clients’ trust is your most valuable asset. We ensure they have a consistent brand experience and level of service across all your lines of business. Our programs are designed to promote accountability with onsite leadership and foster a culture of quality with our front line staff through brand culture training and quality assurance practices that empower the teams at every level.

All sites are protected from external access by Sonicwall Firewall appliances subscribed to Sonicwall’s Intrusion Prevention Service. Our satellite sites operate as separate network segments with access to resources being granted by a central active Directory system and served over encrypted IP Sec tunnels.

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Additional security practices include:

  • Security firewall and intrusion prevention by Sonicwall
  • Internal and external network vulnerability scanning by QualysGuard Vulnerability Management
  • Network monitoring and traffic analysis by SolarWinds
  • Quarterly network security audits and real-time detection of network intrusions

Our Jamaica centre has demonstrated excellence in accounts receivable and credit card growth programs at an incredible value for our new and existing clients. Learn how quickly and efficiently you can outsource a financial line of business with us.

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