Technology & Networking

We are proud to provide our clients with an up-time of more than 99.99 per cent due to the extensive experience of our IT Teams and strong partnerships with leading technology and networking providers. Your inbound and outbound calls are managed through a dynamic technology pathway designed for cost-effectiveness and optimal customer experience.

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After trying for 4 years to provide inside technical support to our customers we tried outsourcing. Our first provider was not doing any better than we did, then we found Advantage. After nearly 9 years of service with Advantage, I would recommend this team to anyone. They are professional, reliable, and most of all they are concerned with helping us retain our current business and assisting us with growth in the future. Advantage is a top notch operation with a real personal touch.

- Mike Steed, General Manager, Interstar Communications

Dedicated MPLS Line

Our dedicated MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) line between Jamaica and PEI ensures that call audio is of the highest quality and avoids the unpredictability of the public internet, both in latency and reliability. A partnership with Eastlink and strict service level agreements ensures low latency, high up-time and accountability.

Avaya Telephony Communications & Multichannel Contact Center Solutions

The Avaya CS1000E PBX, Aura Contact Center 6.4 and Call Pilot Voice Messaging work together to provide treatment and branding to the call. Leveraging such features as IVRs, skills based routing, application/skill-sets priorities, trouble messages, line-of-business branding, and on-hold messaging we are able to ensure that the best agent for the job is answering the call, that your customer is kept informed about changes to service or the availability of new services, as well as the ability to deflect call volume by notifying the customer of possible service outages that may be current affecting them.

Call Recording

While the call is active, the entire conversation is captured by our call recording solution. Calls can be recorded for quality assurance, compliance, or conflict resolution. A number of modules are available to expand the capabilities of the platform, such as screen capture and voice analytics.

Our call recording platform passes all PCI-DSS and HIPPA security requirements and the ability for agents to manually pause recording ensures that sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, are not recorded. The web-based interface ensures ease of use without the need to install additional software on your PC. The platform also has the ability to write protect a recorded to ensure that once the recording is exported it cannot be modified or tampered with.

Quality Assurance Designed by Advantage Communications

To ensure the quality of our calls, we leverage our own internally developed scorecard application called QAS360. With QAS360, we are able to build and tailor scorecards to our client’s exact specifications. Once a scorecard for an agent has been filled out, the reviewer additionally has the ability to upload and attach a copy of the recording to the scorecard itself. QAS360 utilizes a web-based interface without the need to install additional software on your PC.

Intranet / Knowledge Portal

While assisting your customers, our agents have access to all settings, notifications and troubleshooting steps through our internally developed intranet. This intranet can be customized as needed and is able to house any information that may prove useful to our agents when assisting your customers.

Spark / Openfire Instant Messaging

We operate an internal XMPP server and Spark client is installed on all PCs. This allows internal messaging between agents, team leads, subject matter experts and workforce analysts. Our agents are notified of possible outages and they can be polled to identify support trends. Agents have instant access to subject matter experts should they need assistance with resolving a customer’s issue.

Dynamic Client Relationship Management Systems

We use two in-house developed CRM applications: Resolve Helpdesk & RUBI CRM. Between these two applications, not only are we able to offer the typically incident logging and relationship management, agents are able to escalate incidents internally to a team lead, a subject matter expert or to the client. We are able to report to incident type trending at the customer, line of business or customer level as well as the ability to receive and respond to tickets via email utilizing custom web-form processing.

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