Your Team: Customer Experience Satisfaction

Advantage Communications has nurtured a culture of happy, reliable staff who care about the clients they work for in delivering customer experience satisfaction. Our employees become ambassadors of your brand, equipped with the training, experience and motivation to satisfy your customers and help achieve your company’s goals.

We are proud to maintain an attrition rate of 27 per cent across the board (well below the industry average). Roughly 90 per cent of our staff are in permanent, full-time positions, with 30 per cent of employees having been with the company for between two and five years. That’s almost twice the national average for that length of time. Our staff are experienced, engaged and willing to go the extra mile for your customers to provide customer experience satisfaction.

“We treat our employees well, and in turn, they are willing to go the extra mile for your customers”Kent MacPhee, President & CEO

“Our Advantage Communications reps have become an integral part of our ITS support team. A critical factor in our decision was Advantage’s willingness to provide dedicated reps and to customize their support to our unique needs. Using Advantage has provided our students, faculty and staff with excellent service and allowed us to expand the responsibilities of our on-site User Support Center staff” – Karen LeHoullier, Help Desk Supervisor, Smith College


Advantage Communications has a track-record of 100% budget adherence while achieving industry-high customer experience satisfaction. We don’t just “maintain” our programs; we direct and manage them, providing viable solutions as the landscape changes. Our program managers are empowered to continually innovate your company’s contact centre operations and experience.

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Account Manager Profile

  • 8-10 years of contact centre experience
  • Telecommunication, sales, service and support experience
  • Experience scaling a project to fit needs of the client
  • Operational experience
  • Experience managing projects with up to 60 FTE’s Agent Profile
  • 5+ years contact centre experience
  • At least 1 year of telecom experience
  • Cross-trained to provide telecom, billing, customer service and inbound sales support

“Right from the start, Advantage understood the uniqueness of the culture of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Visiting their site was like coming home. They also successfully replicated our way of WOWing our customers. I have had many opportunities to work with outsourcers but ACI is by far the one that I would truly call a partner”
– Patrick Louis, VP Sales Centre, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

IT Teams

Each member of our IT Teams have over a decade of experience in Internet technology and networking within the contact centre industry. They hold a number of certifications ranging from specific Microsoft products, Cisco CCNA to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Our Canadian and Jamaican teams work together to ensure best practices in networking, workforce management and business continuity.

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  • Network design & implementation
  • Network security
  • Server setup, management and monitoring (exchange, SQL, CentOS, IIS, HyperV, VMWare) – Microsoft Active Directory management
  • Custom report creation utilizing SQL and ASP.Net
  • Avaya Communications Server 1000 management
  • Avaya Aura Contact Center Server management and call flow scripting
  • Work at home agent deployment and IP phone deployment via WAN/VPN
  • Vendor management

What Outstanding Staff Retention Means for Your Business

  • Lower recruitment and training costs
  • Increased agent competency, fewer ‘learners’
  • Elevated customer experience; the agents are extremely knowledgeable and able to provide first-contact resolution
  • Positive effect on performance indicators, including, call transfer rates, service levels, first-contact resolution and average handle time
  • Ability to seamlessly introduce new systems and ideas, as the agents are confident with their current knowledge and extremely adaptable
  • Agents who have the best interests of your business and your customers in mind, recognizing and addressing any trends in real-time
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Employee culture

Our culture is built upon the principles of integrity, honesty, trust and respect, viewing employees as individuals rather than numbers within a system. Our motto is “Making a Difference” and we strive to achieve this goal for our clients as well as our employees. Some of the ways in which we are able to achieve this culture include:

  • Coaching: Weekly 1-on-1s between agent and Supervisor to discuss all aspects of the agent’s performance
  • On-going Knowledge Management: In addition to memos, desk-drops and team meetings, we have an Internal Knowledge Base/Intranet which houses vast information easily accessible by all employees
  • Employee Benefits: Focused on improving our employees well-being
  • Employee Surveys: Administered to gauge employees thoughts and feelings
  • Rewards and Recognition: Employee of the month, kudos, spotlight and other initiatives

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