We form a true partnership to improve customer experience

Understanding is key to a successful partnership. We make it our priority to understand your company’s purpose, values, needs, culture and internal teams to improve customer experience. Our programs are fully-customized to support your specific targets, processes, products/services and brand identity. With a focus on cultural integration, our agents become ambassadors of your brand.

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Our Transition and Launch Process

Reliable planning, credible knowledge transfer, immediate efficiency and partnership

The decision to outsource your company’s customer support is one that can vastly improve cost-efficiency and customer experience. It’s important that the knowledge, skills and quality of customer service needed to achieve your business goals are embraced by the individuals operating your outsourced program. With Advantage Communications, you will have a dedicated team of outsource experts taking the time to understand your company’s culture, business goals and existing call centre operation.

We are your trusted partner in delivering smarter, more efficient outsourced business solutions. We work with you to develop a customized transition process that meets your unique situation and program requirements. Whether transitioning from an in-house call centre, an existing outsource, or implementing a whole new contact centre to support your brand, we bring industry experience, an established process and the right people to make your transition a worthy investment in your company and brand.

Experience our strategic 10-Step Process to a Successful Launch and see immediate improvements in your call centre operation, from cost-efficiency to customer experience satisfaction.

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