World BPO/ITO Forum: The Jamaica Advantage

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The World BPO/ITO Forum Global Sourcing and Cloud Summit is an exclusive executive summit tailored for C-suite and senior decision-makers from mid to large-cap U.S. enterprise companies, currently using sourcing and cloud services or interested in evaluating these opportunities.

The focus of the summit “Reinventing Global Outsourcing – Harnessing the Cloud,” mirrors the growing trend within the BPO industry and captures the transformation in a new era in sourcing strategy for IT and Business Processing.

The Summit welcomed more than 250 executives and decision-makers from around the world who gathered to share insight and knowledge on IT and business-process sourcing. Topics included cloud services, data security/sovereignty and a host of other technological trends and operational best practices and challenges.


Peter Melhado: President and CEO of the ICD Group

Peter Melhado, President and CEO of the ICD Group was invited to present to conference delegates. IDC Group is a Jamaican-based conglomerate with interests in real estate, construction, property management, general insurance, e-commerce and business process outsourcing. ICD Group is the strategic partner and shareholder of Advantage Communications Inc.

Mr. Melhado currently serves on ACI’s Board of Directors, in addition to the Boards of a number of companies, mainly within the Caribbean and Latin America. He is also committed to national development and has sat on a variety of public sector company Boards, including recently the Port Authority of Jamaica and Tax Administration of Jamaica and is a former Vice-President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica. Passionate about education, he is Board Chair of the American International School of Kingston.

Peter Melhado: World BPO Presentation Highlights


Jamaican outsourcing has the qualities of Bob Marley and Usain Bolt: self-confidence, speed and agility.

“In one hand we have the musicality, warmth and insight of Bob Marley and on the other hand we have the agility efficiency and self-confidence of Usain Bolt”

People matter more than ever. Customer interactions are more important than ever.

“There’s no arguing [the positive effects of technology and automation]. But we feel that there is a substantial window where human to human interactions are paramount. People matter more than ever in our opinion.”

Hiring the best people and training them rigorously, then offering incentives to stay and prosper with ACI

3 million voice jobs in America Philippines and India.

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Why ICD invested in Advantage in Jamaica

“We invested in Jamaica because of the people, the comparative advantages, and the massive untapped potential in this industry.”

People, resources within 1.1 million person work pool

“We have a big pool of young, educated people who are hungry for work…We recently ran an ad for a job and got 800 qualified applicants. This is a prestigious career in Jamaica and that leads to high retention rates.”

FTE costs <50% of US rates

“Jamaica has a cost advantage where we’re 30%-50% of US rate, but we’re not sacrificing quality for cost-efficiency.”


Cultural alignment with North American customers

“Culturally, our people are very closely aligned with our North American neighbours. That is an important, but often overlooked facet of being an efficient provider.”

Proven verticals in Jamaica for big companies including Microsoft, Amazon and Google

“Many of the big US brands have centres in Jamaica. Microsoft, Google, Amazon are all in Jamaica. Microsoft alone has 1,000 seats and it’s expanding. This proves our ability to work in these verticals.”

ACI is part of this growing trend in Jamaica

“We recently won a large bid from a multinational company, and we are continuing to gain traction. We’ve grown from 0-600 seats in just 3 years.”

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